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    Mitsubishi Outlander thread.

    Does anyone have some feedback for me after using the car for a couple of years? I'm thinking about getting a 2020 model. thanks
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    TV Licence prices - South Africa vs the rest of the World

    "frees the broadcasters from control and influence by governments or advertisers." Enter Hlaudi and the Guptas
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    TV Licence prices - South Africa vs the rest of the World

    So give the SABC tons of money upfront and tell them to be responsible and use it over the next 10 years. Something tells me that this might not be the best idea.
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    Routers: TP-LINK C60 vs Asus RT-AC1200 vs ???

    Hi all I’ve got excellent speeds during a speed test but there are lots of times where everything stops and nothing is transferred between the device and router at all even though I’ve got good signal. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s my router. I'm looking for something in the +/-...
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    Eskom Prime – Protect yourself against load-shedding [April Fools]

    You know there's something fishy when it's not another copy/paste article
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    Notice Period Pay - Labour Law

    1. She just got an annual bonus in December 2. We've discussed this with her multiple times, given her multiple options and SHE didn't want to do anything about it 3. For the past 2 years she's been working between 30 and 45 mins per day less so that she can catch a 3pm bus. For the past month...
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    Notice Period Pay - Labour Law

    We've told her multiple times over the last year and proposed various options, but never a formal warning. That's why I'm saying we've accommodated her for this and many other things. So I don't think immediate dismissal would apply here.
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    Notice Period Pay - Labour Law

    You've only quoted the law on giving a notice period, that means that I tell her in 4 weeks she will be let go. It doesn't answer my situation.
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    Notice Period Pay - Labour Law

    Okay to clarify, it's not about 4 weeks notice. The question is, she would normally have to work for 4 weeks during her notice. CCMA says that I fired her yesterday now she doesn't have to work for the 4 weeks, I just have to pay her out.
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    Notice Period Pay - Labour Law

    After being really, really kind to her for 6 years and doing everything to accommodate her circumstances, I feel betrayed and really hurt that she went to the CCMA. For this reason I don't care if it takes her the whole day to sweep 1 room, I don't want to pay her for nothing.
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    Notice Period Pay - Labour Law

    Hi everyone Yesterday I fired my domestic helper of 6 years due to her being unable to work the agreed number of hours a day because she had to drop off and pick up her child from creche. (I'm not a jerk, I've been discussing it with her for a year and gave her various other options, even...
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    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Ping: 35ms Download: 20.52Mbps Upload: 1.89Mbps Afrihost/Vumatel 5/5
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    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    That's the equivalent of "Anyone want to swap my goldfish for a unicorn?"