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    Please Rate Cool Ideas

    I have had good service with Cool Ideas. Stability has been very good due to Vumatel fiber where latency and speeds have been really great with Cool Ideas. I agree the few tickets I have logged have only been responded to in a day or two, this is not acceptable and is why I voted Good instead...
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    Laptop Donation

    I have 3 old laptops I would like to donate to a charity or an organization that redistributes old hardware. Does anyone know of a service like this in South Africa?
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    Unfinished Huawei / Telkom Fiber Install

    Does someone know who might be able to help me. Telkom / Huawei started installing fiber in the building I own and they abandoned the installation in October. I have tried contacting Telkom & Huawei with no luck to getting this resolved. Does anyone know a better route or person I can get to...
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    @PBCool Very glad to see you have joined us at Mybroadband, I just wanted to state that I have been using your service for approximately a week now and it has been fairly solid. I know in a previous posting you have stated that you guys don't throttle or shape your connections. I have...