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  • Hi, my complex is soon getting cabled up with openserve fibre. I'm planning on getting my connection from you guys. Can you tell me if it's possible to buy my own ubiquity edgerouter 4 with sfp and have openserve terminate the optical cable straight into it? or do i HAVE to use their ONT and then RJ45 to the ER4 WAN port from the ont?

    Hi PBCool, my name is Yuri Zager, ID number is 8205135535083. Hopefully you should ve able to locate my account with these details. Thanks a mill. My internet connection is driving me mad over the past few weeks.
    Hey PBCool, please assist me with my line. I have been down for more than 24 hours now and Vumatel is not giving me any update. My ref with them is 41511. TIA.
    Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to get a CISP pppoe account to use on my existing FTTB (using VOX/FROGFOOT)
    Many thanks
    Hi please keep me updated when i can order fibre in the following area(DFA has live fibre but i dont think its ftth or used)

    Woodfield W Ave, George, 6529
    Hi. To our conversation on the forum. My email address is nadeemkola@gmail.com. Since Web Africa have given me a router, setup and vumatel installation I've asked them what the settlement will be. Perhaps once I get that you can see what you guys would be willing to do. Their pricing is exactly the same as yours
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