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  • Geluk met jou verjaarsdag duderguyMan!

    Ek hoop jy het 'n baie lekker dag en 'n Geseënde jaar voorentoe.

    Enjoy! ;) :D :p
    Knew you wouldnt last!! :D
    Damn it, it would have been the perfect opportunity to win a bet. And some cash. :D
    Welcome back... I thought you were going to be off MyBB for a while?
    Couldnt handle the withdrawal symptoms? :D
    hello - hope you are well.
    here i am i guess still as confused as ever as to how this all works but im sure ill figure it out hehe so tell everyone to be nice hehe
    send an email to [email protected] and on the subject line say Add to mailist and specify which area your from and you will recieve our specials and notification when the pricelist is ready and the link
    I haven't kicked the bucket yet, so I'm still doing well thanks. Just a little preoccupied with other things atm.
    Ja dis mos daai tyd van die jaar waar alles mal gaan en sommige van ons net net kop bo water hou. Maar eks darem amper klaar, nog net so week of twee dan sal dit weer rustig wees :D
    :D glad we were missed. arrived home this morning about 8am. had a bit of sleep, but not enough. eyes felt all gritty from lack of sleep. we wanna go to bed, but wanna chat at the same time :D

    I am going at 20h30, and will chat again tomorrow ;)
    well you should have seen the people flocking to the Zoo!!! it was insanity! I just couldn't cope( ;) ) with it hey...
    the Zoo trip was crap, hate looking at caged animals... but it was interesting to see that Cope and the ANC were really having a go at each other in the Chimpanzee pen!
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