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    Economist warns of jobs bloodbath in South Africa

    My Dad started farming in 1946, and my brother and I joined him on the farm in 1990. It was a tropical and sub-tropical farm, with various fruit and vegetables in winter. When I joined the farming operation my responsibility was labour administration, payroll and all things labour related. At...
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    Mini lockdowns and regional restrictions considered for South Africa

    My experience is limited to Centurion, but here it also seems as though many people don't care. I noticed 2 wheelie bin raiders pushing their carts down the street, with both their masks under their chins. A matronly white lady wanting to walk into our local Spar, while carrying her mask in her...
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    TV Licence prices - South Africa vs the rest of the World

    The article is flawed, in that it tries to justify TV licenses in our county with that of other countries by giving the Rand value of their TV licenses, instead of keeping it in their local currency. Namibians pay NAM $202. They do not pay ZAR220. Same with the other countries mentioned. You...
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    Samsung S10e

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    Samsung S10e

    Item name: Samsung S10e Description: Prism Black Dual SIM XFA. Extras: Age and condition: About a year - used for about 4 months Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Remainder of manufacturer warranty Reason for selling: Upgraded to Note 10+ Price: R4500 Negotiable: Yes, within reason...
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    The Gauteng Weather and Storm Warning Thread!

    It has started raining in Hennopspark in Centurion. In August 2012 we had light snow in Centurion as well.
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    Openserve launches free fibre and ADSL speed upgrades

    Ping: 4ms Download: 38.84Mbps Upload: 18.92Mbps Tested this morning, and I was still on 20/10 FTTH. Speed has now doubled. Hennopspark in Centurion.
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    Galaxy Note 8

    I see XFV brought out an update on 31/03/2020, and XFE brought out one on 12/04/2020. XFA is still stuck on 11/12/2019.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Rumours and leaks

    Did the XFA update yesterday as well.
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    Samsung Galaxy S10

    Did the update on my S10e of XFA yesterday as well.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Rumours and leaks

    February 2020 security patch available OTA on XFA
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    Samsung Galaxy S10

    Software update available OTA Security patch 01 February 2020. 317Mb