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    Advice - solar expansion

    LoL - the link doesn't even work.... sarcasm at it's best.
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    Snyper's Solar Farm

    Congrats on your install. I had a 8KW Sunsynk with 1x Hubble AM2 installed in May and got 9x540w panels added last week. Very happy. Next time you post this graph, do you mind adding the SOC line too? If you click Parameter next to the date, there is a tick box for SOC. Here's mine for today...
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    Tax Directive help

    Need some assistance please from an expert if possible. In the last tax year I moved an RA from Old Mutual to Sygnia via section 14. Old Mutual issued a tax certificate and Sygnia applied for a tax directive. Unfortunately OM issued tax certificate for an incorrect (lower) amount, Sygnia...
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    Armed response disabling gate

    I think people's expectation of what guards can actually do is unreasonable. They are not armed and generally alone. Thus if they do find a problem at your house they need to run away in order to get back up. If the criminals already gained access to your house, then what difference does the...
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    Is it really worth having a pension/provident fund?

    Well just based off the (lack of) information provided, I am assuming that UPF product has some kind of insurance element to it, either to try and guarantee returns or guard against excessive losses. And I personally don't like products that try and combine too many things, if I want insurance...
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    Is it really worth having a pension/provident fund?

    UPF seems to be an acronym for Untaxed Pooled Life Policy. Unfortunately I have had no luck in finding information on what a UPF is. The fund fact sheets don't offer an explanation either...
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    Greetings Possums!!

    It lives! Hey Wayne - sincerely hope you're well sir. Thought about you a year or two back and wondered how live in the US is treating you. Can't recall why I was thinking of you though. Cost of living has certainly changed here in SA. Some things had inflationary increases, but as mentioned...
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    Financial decision; would this be a mistake?

    If I were in your position I would pay off the credit card now using the money from the access bond for two reasons: 1. The interest on the bond is likely lower than 21% 2. I'd like to remove the risk of currency fluctuations. The ZAR is relatively strong now. If it is an access bond, then...
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    Altron Systems Integration and Cisco Survey – R2,000 Cash Giveaway

    Done PS: what does your share of R2,000 cash mean? R50 each? :P
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    How much money do you earn? And how do you spend it?

    I find the expense breakdowns in here of a lot more interest than the earnings side. Helps a lot with perspective. Had a massive perspective shake last week. I have a retirement savings goal based on the 4% rule. Then last week FB served me an advert for a house in an affluent estate near...
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    First job

    Listen to this - it's an hour. If you like the format you can listen to some of their other shows.