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    Gaming Laptops

    Got it from Wootware, so local. I haven't weighed it, but it's heavy... I'd estimate around 2.5kg - 3.0kg Specs: i7 - 10870H 32gb DDR4 2933MHz RTX 3070 115w - the nVidia control panel lists it as 130w, so includes the 15w dynamic boost. 512gb NVMe SSD - 1 spare NVMe port for expansion. 1080p...
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    Gaming Laptops

    Quick writeup for any concerned. I got my Aorus 15P XC on Friday. I don't have much in the way of games to test the hardware, but here's my experience so far: Star Trek Online -> 150 - 180 fps -> Maxed settings Genshin Impact -> 60 fps (locked sadly) -> Maxed settings Cyberpunk 2077 -> 62 fps...
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    Gaming Laptops

    Very much the case. As such, one of the most important things to me is thermals. Cooler running in theory should mean better lasting so I bought a cooler pad just to try and help. They don't seem to make the largest difference, but where reviewers did thermal testing with and without the...
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    Gaming Laptops

    The one common thing I have read about the Gigabyte laptops, is their poor hinges. Most complaints I've seen for the Aorus range is the screen wobble. Thanks for the word of caution - based on what I've read so far, I'll be more cautious around the opening/closing of the lid anyways.
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    Gaming Laptops

    It was a choice between the two. Yes I could have built a better desktop for the same price, but there were other factors (travel, portability). After some lengthy discussions, my conclusion was why not try it once. When my next upgrade cycle comes, I can always change back to a desktop or...
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    Gaming Laptops

    R36k :crying: This is my first foray into gaming laptops, and wanted to try and get something that would last 5yrs. There is a notable voice urging people to shy away from Intel and move to the superior AMD processors (3rd and 4th gen). If you plan on using any gaming laptop for productivity...
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    Gaming Laptops

    Wootware and Comutermania also have pricing up for some 30 series laptops. I've ordered an Aorus 15P XC. When I get it, I can answer any questions I'm able to. To start, it is the 115w variant (confirmed by wootware and the little bit of info I could find on this model through Google).
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    Gaming Laptops

    Are you able to share or PM me the company you're dealing with? I have been scouring the internet looking for local pricing/availability and was at the point where I was just going to order from Amazon....
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    MyBroadband Rugby World Cup Giveaway

    Hearing the emotion of the commentators when we won.... and their voices breaking with pride when the cup was lifted!
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    Scrapping old IT hardware

    Hi all Can anyone help me out with contact details for any company in KZN that handles the scrapping of old PC's/Laptops/Printers? Throughout my company's time, they have seemingly accumulated a wealth of old hardware that is now mostly dead. I would prefer to use a company as I would gather...
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    Tad late on the response... There are 3 ways to get the keys to open the chests 1) Buy with real money from the Zen store 2) Buy with Astral Diamonds (earned by doing mostly endgame - lvl 60+ - stuff) from the auction house 3) Convert Astral Diamonds into Zen via the ingame Zen-to-Astral...
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    Win two LG Q6 smartphones with Vodacom Red

    I would LOVE to drive a Ferrari, but clocking a time the F1 Driving Sim.... that's where I'm at ;)
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    "Gaming" Lapboard options/stock?

    Hey all I'm on the verge of ordering the Roccat Sova, but first wanted to ask if anyone had another recommendation or any other info that would help in my decision making? I've looked at the Razer Turret, Corsair Lapdog and the Sova, ultimately deciding on the Sova (4m cable should be more...