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    MyBroadband Rugby World Cup Giveaway

    Hearing the emotion of the commentators when we won.... and their voices breaking with pride when the cup was lifted!
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    Scrapping old IT hardware

    Hi all Can anyone help me out with contact details for any company in KZN that handles the scrapping of old PC's/Laptops/Printers? Throughout my company's time, they have seemingly accumulated a wealth of old hardware that is now mostly dead. I would prefer to use a company as I would gather...
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    Tad late on the response... There are 3 ways to get the keys to open the chests 1) Buy with real money from the Zen store 2) Buy with Astral Diamonds (earned by doing mostly endgame - lvl 60+ - stuff) from the auction house 3) Convert Astral Diamonds into Zen via the ingame Zen-to-Astral...
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    "Gaming" Lapboard options/stock?

    Hey all I'm on the verge of ordering the Roccat Sova, but first wanted to ask if anyone had another recommendation or any other info that would help in my decision making? I've looked at the Razer Turret, Corsair Lapdog and the Sova, ultimately deciding on the Sova (4m cable should be more...
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    Elder Scrolls Online

    Greetings all I thought it may be better to start a fresh thread, rather than necro the old one, as from what I've read a lot has changed since the launch of the game. So is anyone currently playing this? Are there any local guilds, or other EU guilds worth joining? If there are any...
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    The Division

    The Beta for this game opens a little later this month, and bar hearing what people lucky enough to get in have to say, is anyone else keeping an eye on this game? My worry is that it's Ubisoft again, who has still left me with a bitter taste after the whole Watchdogs "incident". There are...
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    Sport Streaming with Unotelly + Netflix?

    Hey all Apologies if this has been asked/answered before. So I took the plunge and am running Unotelly to 'unlock' a lot more content via Netflix... I'm new to all of this. My actual question: Does Unotelly offer a free sport streaming in its ~300 channel offering? I'm fortunately...
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    24V Inverter/UPS query

    Hi all An order was placed for the Title mentioned unit, which ended up being just for the inverter, with no battery pack. Two questions: 1) Can anyone give me rough dimensions of a 24V battery? We have casings, but not sure they could house a 24V battery. 2) In line with the rest of our...
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    Upgrading Win 8.1 to 8 Pro

    Hi all Please help me out if possible. Long story short, I have a laptop with Windows 8.1 pre-installed on it. The guy that bought it, also bought a Win 8 pro upgrade kit. Stressing Win 8... not 8.1. Generally the "card" upgrades are just a feature unlock mechanism within windows. Can...
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    Hey all For the sake of not necroing a 2012 thread, can anyone tell me whether Marveltec is a legit dealer? After speaking with one of the sales guys, they seem to be online orders only. Has anyone had any dealings with them? If so, how was the overall experience? Many thanks
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    Stores that sell Inverters

    Hi Guys Can someone point me in the right direction here pls? Which stores (preferably in KZN) sell inverters? I would prefer to check it out before purchasing, hence no e-tailors. Many thanks
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    IE 10 not saving Proxy - Win 8

    Hi guys I purchased a Win 8 Pro licence to test on our network (at work) to see how many issues may arise from an OS upgrade. I've encountered a fairly serious problem, where IE10 does not save the Proxy settings. I've tried adding the config script as well as manual settings, both of...
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    Diablo 3 - Best Item Drops

    So in sticking with what seems to be tradition of creating a thread for everything, here's one for item drops. What I'm interested to know is what your best Item drop to date is (this is not your highest dps item or best piece of armour - it's Sets and Legendaries) and the details surrounding...
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    D3: High Level Char Stats

    Hi Guys So there are some nice threads that have been started on D3, but this is the one that has most of my interest, as by reading the official forums, the barb (me) seems to be beaten by every other class.... So, in light of that, can players who are lvl 50+ only, please post the...
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    Startrek Online SA Fleet

    Howzit Guys n Gals So as mentioned in the mmo thread, here's the recruiting one for STO. If you're interested, please let me know here, and for fleet creation purposes, a time you'd be available during the week or weekend? We need at least 5 to form a fleet, but with season 6 looming...