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  • Hi there Pilgrim.

    You seem to know your stuff about linking sites and Wireless connectivity, maybe you can help me?

    I live in Edgemead and want to connect my Mother in law and a friend to my house. My mother in law is about 150 metres away and my friend 940 metres as the crow flies. I want to connect my Mother in law so that she can talk to her daughter (my wife) for free with VOIP. I want the same for my friend but also to share my internet connection. There are roughly 1 or 2 trees along the way and in the line of sight.

    Can you tell me what equipment I need to connect them both. They're about 120 degrees apart if I was to stand on my roof and look at each house.

    Can you also tell me if it's possible to buy VOIP phones that I can assign IDs to for easily calling each house just like a landline and without the need for a computer?

    Thanks so much
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