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    UN pleads for R2.8bn in support for hunger-stricken Zimbabwe, as bread price rises 20-fold in 6 months

    US and Iraq had the food for oil program SA and Zim should have the food for smokes program
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions 2

    To be fair this virus is a reset button of sorts for the entire globe. Anyway the opportunity to use the virus to "transform" the economy has gone due to the botch job that was the lockdown.
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    Skyworth Binge Android TV box

    I'm not sure whether it was the PS4 or PS3 controller but I remember one them requiring to download an app before it could work
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    PS5 or XBox Series X

    AAA Titles used to R599 for a brand new title and now they cost over R1000
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    How concerned are you about getting COVID-19?

    I live with high risk individuals, so I'm concerned for them
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    Elon Musk takes jibe at Tesla short sellers with $69.42 satin shorts

    Don't know where you getting that from
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    196,750 confirmed coronavirus cases in South Africa as deaths climb to 3,199

    You looking at an actual infection rate of over 450k-1M
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    Pick n Pay is changing how Smart Shopper discounts work

    A good AI doesn't just predicts customer behaviour, it actually manipulates it. Keep that in mind when you cashing in your personal discounts
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    Western Cape premier warns over high death rate for one particular group

    So where's the Coke and Oros ban?
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions 2

    So why wasn't he a part of the NCCC then?
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    Putin mocks U.S. embassy for flying rainbow flag

    I don't get why the OP posted this story.
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    PS5 or XBox Series X

    Yeah for a couple months the 1X was actually cheaper than the 1TB 1S. More and more news about the Series S is coming out. If this is actually going to be 200USD it's going to Retail for the price of the current 1S locally