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    Protesting KZN high school pupils demand smoke breaks

    Apparently a single parent is the prime instigator of the entire debacle
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    Natural Selection

    Where's your sources debunking Comparative Anatomy?
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    Protesting KZN high school pupils demand smoke breaks

    So anyway, the smoke break thing was just a joke by a couple students taking the piss. That was caught on video and the media thought that part was serious or thought it would make good clickbait.
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    Land reform panel recommends seizures without pay in certain circumstances

    I think they are referring to private lands that have been settled by illegal squatters. You probably dont need to worry if there are no squatters on your land. If you do, you need to get them out before 3 months or that land would be seized by the government .
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    Fair rate for gardener?

    Had a gardener who worked like that, first time we used him, he did what our previous gardener took the entire day before lunch time, and he did take a 15 minute tea break.
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    This is what you could buy for the same price as DStv Premium

    Taking advantage of the MultiChoice strike in terms of search algorithms?
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    DStv system offline amidst strike

    What are you the Multichoice head of propaganda ?
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    How much does a stripper make?

    I don't think there be a gender pay gap in Cape Town
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    Does Afrikaans have any French Influences?

    Labuschagne of the Aussie cricket got me thinking, many many Afrikaaners have French surnames being descendants of Huguenots but how much influence have the Huguenots had on Afrikaans. I can't thing of any but Afrikaans is limited to just about enough to scrape through a 60% in matric. Maybe...
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    WATCH | Rampaging students chase down and butcher live cattle

    Looks like some people need to become vegans
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    Windows on Boundary Wall

    If you in the Durban Metro any external alteration you make on structure requires municipal permission not sure about other metros
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    You can’t write cheques for R500,000 in South Africa anymore – this is the new limit

    I've only ever cashed one actually cheque in my entire life. If remember correctly it was for either $103 or $130
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    A 20-hour non-stop flight is being tested to see if passengers can bear it

    I've never been on a flight where I found an attractive stewardess . They almost always plastered with an almost comical amount of makeup.
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    Free the Western Cape

    An independent Western Cape would mean a majority coloured whose to say they won't kick out the people not born in the province that includes whites, Indians and blacks.