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  • well i thought you may have meant zack snyder - but rob schneider was appropriate anyway :)

    i did a BMus jazz - didn't really prepare me for soundtrack work but i learned some solid theory etc..

    i do my own stuff (mostly electronic/ambient) been in a few bands, currently in a band doing sort of 'experimental' country/folk music.

    and what about yourself?
    howzit, i do a lot of tv show soundtracks and occasionally films - that's my daily bread - i like most kinds of music and have tried my hand at a lot of genres!

    pity about the watchmen - it was never going to translate - and ultimately they may as well have had rob schneider playing rorschach!
    Previous nick was kissmyass, so I had it changed to something a little less hostile. I didn't want to go the sock puppet route so I just asked nicely for it to be changed.
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