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  • Hey PP - do you have the means to compare streaming on the new MWeb vs Vox? I'd be happy to lend you my credentials for my Vox account of you want to try testing and compare - in interested to know.

    Let me know and I'll Pm them to you.
    Sweet thanks mate... I'll have to make sure if they stock those units first... Would I need to take a physical leaflet or by showing them the online catalogue, will that be enough. Lastly, 40" v 32".. would I be spyt going for the smaller unit?
    Hey postmanpot, how you bud... need some advice... you mentioned a certain tv to me in my thread "Price Being Equal...", the samsung 40eh5300... it's kinda outta my budget. So my dilemma is the 32eh5300 @ R3999 or the 40eh5000 @ R4999 from MetroHomeCity in PTA. These are Pretty much the best price I'll be able to get on those two except that my pop wants to buy from Makro or a mainstream store... but then add a cool R500 bucks to the price (there goes buying the wifi dongle for the eh5300). Lastly I'll be sitting max 1.7-2m away (for my own bedroom). My biggest thing is the connectshare USB of the samsungs... tried all my mkv files and they worked. We have a 2012 Sinotec and the mkvs all work but the audio is absent on many of the files. Thanks for any thoughts. God bless
    Hi Postman,

    Was wondering if you can help me? I Googled and searched around before finally asking the resident expert.
    I have a Samsung 51" D490 Series HD Ready, Plasma TV. I have had it for approx 6 mnths now. From very early I noticed something wierd when the scene on the screen has a big white background e.g. snow or winter sky etc. Then a ghost image of the menu of my PVR recordings become visible. ANy thoughts? I will give more info if you respond and ask. Thanks in advance.
    Hey Postman Pot.
    Do you stock any towers? Coolermaster, Thermaltake, etc Looking at spending about R1500 on the tower. Any recommendations? Also looking for a Gigabyte motherboard that supports i7 CPU's.
    hi, was looking at your post about Printers and toners. Need a bit of help and direction as to getting a decent affordable photo printer and prices for toners and paper. Will appreciate your help a lot. looking at a budget of R1500. will be used mainly for Scholl trips and Creche ceremonies, graduations and so forth.
    ja bonus. a 1.2 gig bonus to be exact :) i wonder too what they're up to, last month aswell hey.
    if mr t keeps this up i'll be doing great
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