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  • Hi ProjectX,
    I read that you had problem with installing GMobileXT to your mobile:

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    Originally Posted by ABU View Post
    2.5 Then move into Pc Suite mode (phone setting->connection->usb->Pc Suite)

    2.6 Program will now complete installation and will be present in “Applications -> GMobileXT”
    This part doesn't work , it does copy to usb but when i change it to pc suit it does nothing please help...."

    I am stacked at the same place and can not find solution. Can u please tell me what u did?

    I am trying to install GMobileXT to N82, but I do not see the difference.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hey man, completely forgot! Uhm, I'll try - my only concern is that UUNET will nuke the upload before it's finished, or soon after, as I only have a 192k upstream :( Any other suggestions?
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