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    Plane Spotting in Cape Town

    Does anyone know of any decent spots in Cape Town where one can see passenger planes landing/taking off? The airport used to have a viewing deck years ago but after the redesign you have to sit in Spur to vaguely see the planes. The areas around the airport are really not safe enough to...
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    Blacklisting phone - getting ITC number

    My secondary phone that had no sim card in it got stolen 2 week ago. So I went to MTN, as they were the last sim card I had in the phone, but I keep getting told that the blacklisting system is down and I can't get my ITC number. This was over a week ago and I am told it is still down. I need to...
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    Need to get a new TV

    Hi all, My house got broken into last week and they made off with a few things - TV included. Now I have no idea what TV to get or what is decent. Anything bigger than 43" will be overkill for me. So I came across these two smart TVs...
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    MTN issues - cancelling contract

    Been having a few issues with MTN lately where my 3G/HSDPA connection isn't very usable. Certain things will work like whatsapp and other messengers but Facebook and Google won't. I'm assuming there's something wrong with my sim card and trying to get hold of MTN is ridiculous. What I want...
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    Kia Rio Aircon

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone else has this problem or if it is just me. When I use the aircon on my Rio 1.4 it saps so much power that if I need to go up a hill I need to turn the aircon off. I do understand the aircon will use engine power but so much? I was in 3rd gear the...
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    Hi all, Is anyone here using Spotify premium? If so how did you pay for it? Spotify won't allow Paypal or a Credit Card that is not in the same country as the Spotify account. I signed up for Neteller to get a virtual credit card which will supposedly work for a UK account. The problem is...
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    Software to create, edit and maintain PDF's

    Hi all, Does anyone know if there is anything around, online or downloadable that will allow me to create PDFs forms, make it editable and then make changes really easily. Does Acrobat even do this without hassle? Currently I have three PDF registration forms three pages long and because...
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    Advice for Continuing Studies

    Hi all, From 2007 to 2009 I was studying a National Diploma in IT awarded by UNISA. The first two years were at Northlink College and the 3rd year through UNISA itself. While I was at Northlink, UNISA decided to phase out the course and ultimately 2009 was the last year to do the ND in IT...
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    How to preload HTML tabs

    Hi all, I have a HTML/CSS/Javascript content tab system that I am using and a problem I am having is that while the page is loading it shows all the content on the page at once, only once the page has finished loading does it put it into the tabs. Now I know one can load say just the...
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    PHP - Directing Mobiles and Tablets

    Hi all, I am having a slight problem with this. Hopefully someone can help. Currently I have mobile visitors to my sites main page directed to the mobile site. There is a link (/?mobile=false) there where they can go back to the main site if they wish which is set by a cookie. This is all...
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    Fetching Database Table Details After PHP Login

    Hi all, I am a bit confused with this and wondered if someone could help. I have a page that people can login to and then based on their login(username) it shows data in a table relevant to them. I have found a script that is handling most of the hard work, I am just having trouble...
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    Where to get the Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S3?

    Hi all, I am just wondering where I could get the 32GB Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S3 cheapest? I have looked around but thought I would ask as well to see. Either a reputable online store or somewhere in Cape Town. Thanks
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    Graphics Card Warranty

    I came home this evening to find my screen full of big black and white dots. So I restarted and many words in the post screen display were scrambled, example "success" being "suceqq". So I guessed it's most probably my nVidia 8500GT, not the best card I know. So I took it out and switched to...
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    Ethernet Won't Work

    Sorry if this has been posted before, I have Googled and searched but nothings helping. I have xubuntu on an old PC, but I cannot get the Ethernet to work. I have it connected to my router and the router light comes on and the light on the PC comes on, then i select auto etho or so, it will...