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  • awe bro sorry to bother you again. you sent me an invite to bfarm a couple of months ago but i forgot the username and i dont have that email account anymore. could you plz send me an invite to swap@telkomsa.net? would really appreciate it?
    hi how you doing can you please send me some invites to the local torrent sites please my e-mail is abrie870109@gmail.com
    hey mate, can I please get invites to BitFarm and/or Greenlabs? Thanks alot, appreciate it, email address is jaconiel@webafrica.org.za
    Hey man can you help me out by sending me an invite to Bitfarm im dying to start using local torrent sites and download a few stuff,

    Many thank you's

    Email : lungster14@gmail.com
    can u send me an invite to greenlab or bitfarm please??????? i got ALOT to upload just ask me what u want and il upload it, loads of movies and music and anime!!!! but i need more thats why i want to get on either greenlab or bitfarm, my email is saf666@gmail.com
    Hey PsyClown

    Sorry to bother but i have a Huge amount of data waiting to be uploaded to bitfarm,
    but im shorting one thing... a invite!

    Hope you can help me....
    Send to kukulza@ravemail.co.za


    Again, sorry to ask as well, but do you by any chance have any BitFarm invites left? Willing to upload! :)

    Thanks in advance
    Lia D
    sorry to bother but can i plz have an invite to bitfarm or greenlab? i would really appreciate it. christoswane@gmail.com
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