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  • Hi Quik

    I see you seem to know a bit about forex. FX Kinetic are trying to get me to take their package on a 3 year contract which adds up to around R14000! I am interested in this stuff but will likely only spend 30 minutes per day setting up my trades etc. I tried CFD's via GT247 and was unable to consistently make money on my demo account. It makes me nervous that Kinetic want to lock me into a long term contract.

    I also wonder if I couldn't get a nice little demo account free from elsewhere to just dabble before spending this cash.

    ANy input from you would be much appreciated!

    Hey man.

    Would you be interested in a trade at all? I have a CM Storm Sentinel Laser gaming mouse. Have the box PoP and still under warranty.

    Please contact me via email as I dont check this forum very often. Or if your on the Prophecy forums find me there under the same name.


    Let me know :)
    Hi Quik

    Telkom have now said it is not possible. If you deal with this type of thing and think you could or know somebody could help, I will give you a cell phone Number of the person who is responsible on the farm.
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