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  • you can update the PS3 on the internet via the ethernet cable or wifi.

    you can install the sony program that comes with the ps3 and then you link the software to the ps3.
    Hey man,

    Soz only saw your message now.

    ****, what do i do with my ps3 besides game and online gaming? Mostly use it for a media center. I stream all my episodes, movies, live soccer games straight from the ps3 into the sound system and TV. Do the odd browsing from it. You can install other OS's if your interested in that.

    If your going to stream from a PC to the PS3. Use a wired connection. If you trying to transcode a 1080hd movie via wireless you will experience delays in speech and picture or from any other format that isnt native to the PS3.

    Other than that, nothing much ey.

    Let me know if you need any more information.

    Have a awesome day.
    Sorry, I do not where the legislation are, it was said by one of the speakers at last years myBB conference.
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