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  • Lol man it's not Vangate Mall (lol was probably because I pronounced it as Vangate), it's Vanguard Mall lol, the first time I went inside. :wtf:

    Lol I thought you were in your full senses lol. :p

    Lol we should do something like that again (well when I get out of this prison:crying:).

    Hi there,

    Actually I have never posted much since I joined MyBB. I only post here and there. I'm not like the IT guys and other dudes who can spend hours on the internet; I often see that you are on the internet for most of the day.

    It's only once in a while that I will spend a few hours or more on the webz.

    I can see you are alive and kicking with your "Why is it...?" thread! :D I may not be posting but I am browsing.
    Hehe, my opinion has changed, in a way. I don't pirate stuff myself, but I no longer see it as a problem. In fact, I see the anti-piracy systems as the problem, as it is that which forces a large group of people to pirate. Then again, I have no qualms about pirating Steam games, as Steam screws the consumer over. :p
    I'll try my best to buy you a reputation but I ain't rich! :crying: The only luxuries that I can afford are 20 cents chappies and smoothies! But I might have some connections. I'll have to look into it.

    So that means your little Pythonlet will suffer without your maintenance! :crying: Which reminds me I forgot to tell you, we have twins - double the trouble :eek: You're gonna have to pay double I'm afraid :p:twisted: Hehe! :D
    Typical response from a guy! :crying:

    Well, if I don't get maintenance, as quoted from yourself, "The truth will prevail!". The evidence is out there (rurapente knows). Besides I'm sure there are other Pythonlets out there which you don't even know about, but eventually all the Pythonlets will come out of the woodwork and your reputation will be tarnished! :twisted: But if no Pythonlets are revealed I will spread rumours! Hehe!!! :twisted: So either way you're damned if do and damned if you don't! :D:whistling:

    I am an evil hermaphrodite! :wtf:

    Anyway, I had a lot of fun! (no pun intended)...:p

    Best thread ever! :cool:
    Hey, did you see my comment in ...the ThreadKiller saga continues....

    A little Pythonlet was born last night from our encounter! An evil spawn of you! :twisted:

    Hehe! :D

    I'm expecting maintenance!
    Lol no, not after Saturday's episode...

    why? Did you wanna see me in a two piece (shorts and tank top)?
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