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    WebAfrica's constant escalations for installation to no avail

    Hi Has anyone experienced the super frustrating journey of applying for Open Serve fibre but never getting a call for installation? I was hoping someone might be able to shed light on how to deal with problem, or have any contacts in the business that could assist. I'm moving down the...
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    WebAfrica's lack of support and customer feedback is destroying my soul

    I've pretty much explored every channel of support from WebAfrica, so I'm now at the point I've decided to post a rant about their absolutely horrible support system. I'm secretly hoping they'll see this, because I don't know what else to do anymore. I pay them to manage my ADSL line. One...
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    Mid Lvl (2-3 yrs exp) .NET Contract Developer Required URGENTLY in JHB

    Urgently require a .NET contractor in JHB for 6+ months contract work, please send us an e-mail to with your C.V and details. Spec: Mid .Net Developer Required (VB / C#) Based in the Roodepoort area, we are seeking a .net developer with strong technical skills that will...