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  • I've written the accounts dept to querie the fact that I got notified even though my connection was disconnected, got no reply.

    Will mail them.

    I will let tech recoveries know. Have you cancelled because this normally is automatic on a cancellation.
    No, we send out notifications even if the client is disconnected or suspended
    We send out cap notifications to all clients even if they have been disconnected.

    Sorry about the delayed response because I check my PM's and not conversations.
    The service was disconnected on the 18th and there was no usage thereafter. I have checked our DC instructions and master file ammendment records.
    What usage have you seen after that?
    Yep. And I think this might've happened previously too. I just never seemed to stay within my cap. But this last month I never could've reached my cap.
    So if I undrstand it correctly there has been usage recorded against your account even though you were suspended.
    I will pull the usage records
    Hi William

    As you know the reason you can exceed your cap is because we decided to allow our clients to go over their cap and then charge them for the overusage so they are never inconvenienced with a disconnection.

    Could you let me know when you powered down your CPE so I can check the usage thereafter.

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