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    Do you think it should be a crime not to wear a mask in public?

    FFS its temporary, dont be a ****, wear a mask for now, this thing will pass, no need to criminalise wearing a mask if everyone sacrifices for the greater good. Also while you trying on common sense for the first time, stop using the word sheeple, you sound like twat, because you follow a...
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    Aramex global shopper

    Hi all, any AGS promo codes available?
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    1982 Blade Runner.

    The events of BLADE RUNNER (1982) take place on November 20th, 2019
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    Real newegg ships to sa now!!

    We need a Newegg Deals thread.
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    Takealot selling fakes?

    Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that the sunglasses your purchased from one of our sellers, Sunglass World, which was fulfilled by was not sourced from an authorised Ray- Ban agent. As a result we are of the view, this is not an authentic product and are investigating...
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    Takealot selling fakes?

    Some good has come of this post or possibly the letter from my legal aid it seems. Anyways they have afforded me no such dignity.
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    Takealot selling fakes?

    TA have seen this post, they are trying to resolve the matter now :giggle: Moar power to MYBB.
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    Takealot selling fakes?

    Great news.. I see they now have a new supplier.. Hopefully they will get their **** together.
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    Takealot selling fakes?

    TA informed me their site does not stock the glasses any longer but... :unsure:
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    Takealot selling fakes?

    I appreciator this reply, allow me to reposte though.. The mods were done with the knowledge I would void my warranty and I am ok with that.. But the mods were also undertaken with idea that I was buying a genuine and all this while TA knew it was a fake. The idea they may not have known in the...
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    Takealot selling fakes?

    I still maintain that TA should have made contact with me once they realised Sunglasses World were issuing fakes though. Their attitude also stinks WRT their return policy, like they weaseled out of it.
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    Takealot selling fakes?

    A mere 3x months old :(
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    Takealot selling fakes?

    TL;DR : TAKEALOT SOLD FAKES, TOLD ME TO F OFF Afternoon members, I need some advice on this one. So I recently purchased a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses from TA on a special, and like all my frames I proceeded to fit in my prescription lenses while still holding onto my old lens. So after a few...
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    I have a Logitech MX Air mouse, I use it at 15m, will test at 25m.
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    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    Wow.. where do you have the time? Please can I ask you to screenshot a few pages of these groups and PM me cos you are amazeballs.