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  • Wow dude, just stumbled across your video about media freedom on mybittorrent. Awesome and totally spot on! Keep it up.
    Hi :). I'd just like to say that you should ignore all the hater fanboi's replies in your " Get Ready for a Proper Local Torrent Site..." thread. I think it's a great idea and I'm willing to help in any way I can :)

    how the heck do you get time to do everything man?

    -You're some kind of industrial therapist or something for a day job
    -You DJ for a club on some nights
    -You import & sell stuff on mybb
    -You make a crapload you tube videos for your Rendier blog
    -You do bodybuilding
    -You have a T-shirt printing company

    on top of that you then make time for your wife, to eat, to shower, and to download and watch a shiatload of content....

    how the fsck do you get the time to do all that man? seriously?
    Thanks for the posts and dont despair

    Think possitive
    IM not often on this site being dyslexic Dysculula AND left handed

    people are very rude here

    ONLY Here because im capped
    IM normaly on an international site .
    Hi There. I am interested in the iPhone 3G - i understand you sell it? I read something on the thread - but didnt have time to sroll through the 22 pages (im at work) lol!! So, i was wondering, can you give me pricing and info as to how to go about getting one please? thanks for taking the time to read this!! Have a fab day!
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