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    Xenon/LED headlight replacements?

    So I have to replace my wifes bulbs. H4 halogen. As it is a 2006 car which we bought second hand and have it now for quite some time. I am thinking of upgrading the lights. I dont want cheap but I dont want something I have to replace annually. What would your recommendation be? I tried reading...
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    Using bank card out of country

    ABSA? Dont worry, I'm with Standard Bank. Not sure why though. Just been to lazy.
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    We want popcorn

    My pleasure or is it you welcome.
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    SABC exec assassination attempt – the latest info

    The first article on EWN did not make sense. This one does, he shot back and injured one person. Good for him. Although, I don't own a gun, I never understood Gunfree SA philosophy. Maybe, in a Utopia type country, their philosophy will work.
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    Vumatel boundary wall box

    If you swapped it, my guess is you wont have internet.
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    Vumatel boundary wall box

    Second one is for redundancy.
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    kloppers site

    So I tried buying some stuff from thier website, selected EFT for payment, got redirected to where the site required my bank log in details i.e username and password. So I emailed them, hopefully they respond as I am not giving a 3rd party my banking details.
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    Boxers or underpants

    Well, since I am currently using a laundromat, I gritted my teeth and bought 7 pairs. Normally, I would not replace so soon. A couple of years at least per the old pair.
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    Best Baby formula?

    There is no better formula in my opinion. Just what works for your baby. You have to find the right baby formula. Sometimes you have to switch it up when your baby is sick.
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    Anyone know of a good Honda mechanic?

    In Cape Town, I bought my disc's at MasterPart. Did you get a second opinion?
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    LA's Finest

    Me also.
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    Which SSD for Lenovo Thinkpad T460s This one. My T420 is not compatible with the other ssd forms.
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    Which SSD for Lenovo Thinkpad T460s

    I put a mushkin ssd in my T420. No problems so far, but I am not using the laptop for work but as my personal pc.