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  • "I love the audacity and STUPIDITY of the South African mentaility... I read an article on the Sniper whacking out the insurgents and the comments were to the jist of '9 shots! that sniper is useless'

    Now with this march, I dont see you spineless BAR-STUARDS marching in South Africa! talk about spineless. When someone raises the problem and topic of Genocide in SA then its acceptable - but when some people overseas raise the alarm, then they are RACISTS.

    The LOT OF YOU are not better than criminals, you dont want crime to affect you - but all you are prepared to do is sit on your @rse and criticise others. You ALL just have excuses on why things are not possible, and no-one has the balls to stand up and SHOUT. Talk about being sheep!

    Everyone in SA got what they asked for.. a Despotic Government. "

    I share your sentiments exactly!
    Well said
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