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  • With alch and herblism make flasks and flasks, ours sell for around 40-50 gold per flask, soemtimes it will even help if u buy herbs off the ah even frost lotus and then make the flasks and resell them, u can make quite alot that way if your ah is right.

    if not gather herbs in sholozaar, most herbs per min u gather there meaning lots of frost lotus, so u can prolly sell those too if they go for good prices.

    i hope u have epic flying, because that will speed things up with gathering, if you dont, try play the AH a bit more.

    Feel free to poke me more if u need more advice.
    hey there :) as a miner the best place for you to mine is in WG, i dunno how your work hours or wife allows u to play ect but mining at early mornings or past midnight u can gather about 100 titanium and 500 saronite from about 2 hours or less mining there, fly around the edge of the maps on the north when u go down south head for the water that runs east-west and follow that till the otherside then back south and make a full circle north again.

    so if titanium sells for lots then good, but what if u prospect the titanuim and gather some epic gems, have a look if you can make more that way? also the titanium powder u get from prospecting it also can sell for quite a bit on the ah, ofc depedns on realm, the powders are used for JC tokesn to buy recipe's so if its in demand u can make quite alot of bucks that way. Gems in general are the best investment as each day people get new gear,
    Hey man.

    About the gold making thread. I have mining/jc on one char and herb/alchemy on my other. I am currently farming saronite and then transmuting it into titanium bars that are selling quite nicely on my server. Do you know of any other ideas using these proffesions?
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