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    Paradox Alarm & Swan Server

    I have not been able to connect to my alarm using the Insight Gold App for days. IP 150 modules connected to the internet. Just no response trying to connect in the app. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Sage hit by major outage in South Africa

    The total lack of importance placed on the customer is epitomised by the "Investigating - We are investigating a potential issue with the service. An update will be provided within 30 minutes. Jan 18, 10:00 UTC" Guess what Sage - it has passed the "potential Issue" stage and it has long...
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    Emails from Mimecast users not being received

    My humblest apologies if I have offended you, O Senior Member! It was just the heading - lesson learned Are you this friendly to everyone?
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    Emails from Mimecast users not being received

    I am not receiving emails from any Mimecast users and Afrihost agents merely respond they 'are not responsible for 'Mimecast'' IS anyone else experiencing this?