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    44 people found crammed in a 22 seater bus outside Polokwane, 7 of them children

    You must have no self-respect if you climb into a vehicle that's already packed like sardines.
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    Do you have a Reddit profile?

    Building a profile on each member?
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    Takealot Rejects return for hardware fault as OS was changed

    You might want to blank out your real name.
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    Sennheiser unveils True Wireless earphones

    Imagine losing one of those.
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    "Kamikaze" - new Eminem album released today

    I can't believe the Paul skits are still going.
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    Illegal land occupiers and Stellenbosch municipality call a truce

    Shackdweller who owns multiple businesses?
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    The Receptionist got a NEW Toy!!

    I swear I don't even know what's going on anymore.
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    Super Rugby TV, fan viewership plummets

    Just like the NFL. I miss the round-robin format.
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    Apple Wave iOS 8 microwave charging hoax explodes

    Reminds me of that old "delete system32" hoax. :D
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    IRB renaming to World Rugby

    In case you confused it with Institutional Review Board