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    FNB App

    Thank you
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    FNB App

    No-how does that work ?
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    FNB App

    What happens if your phone is stolen
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    How Takealot crushed Makro

    Mostly the same with Takealot
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    How Takealot crushed Makro

    The killer with Takealot is " no argument returns" if you do not like it/faulty. Do not buy from Builders. I order a heater. It was defective. They did not even bother to answer my emails
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    Uncapped broadband prices - Fibre, DSL, LTE, and 5G

    Where is Supersonic ?
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    Big online shopping delivery problems in South Africa

    Takealot have not delivered my week old order for items that were in stock on their site. they cannot blame third party vendors.
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    Great tech deals from Takealot and Incredible Connection

    Why do you still put screen sizes in inches when nobody younger than 65 knows what they are
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    Top fibre and fixed-LTE ISPs during lockdown

    My Supersonic is always in the high 40's and often over 50 with zilch downtime
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    Level 3 regulations must be changed after High Court ruling - Except these 4

    You state: Below are the regulations which Judge Norman Davis said do not have to be reviewed: So what are the items that have to be changed ??
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    Zoom vs Teams vs Meet

    Whatsap is a phone call and uses lots of paid data. Are the others the same or do they use internet connections
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    New Telkom uncapped ADSL packages - All the details

    I have given up trying to get one. Online, Telkom shops, by phone. Nobody appears to be able to help
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    How Vodacom fights cellphone tower battery thieves

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    How Vodacom fights cellphone tower battery thieves

    Surely the easiest solution is to go for the scrap dealers. Increase the penalties drastically and SAP to run snap inspections od dealer.