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    Payment Processor - Flutterwave

    Sorry, got caught up with client work for months and only managed to truly play with Flutterwave over the last few weeks. Yes, so far so good from a development point of view. Managed to build it into my little React app with relative ease. There's a few libraries on Github that makes things...
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    What would attract you to a position in East London?

    I think it would be nice to match this....
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    What would DVTs rate be to develop an app like Uber ?

    It really depends on the complexity... DVT mostly does B2B Corporate 2 Corporate that's got a couple of million ZAR to throw at developing an application. For a more bootstrapped startup point of view with non-technical founders, you can get a solo remote developer or even small remote team...
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    What would attract you to a position in East London?

    The best developers probably wouldn't want to live in East London either, hence, when you hire remotely you will attract more talent from anywhere. There's huge million dollar Tech companies that doesn't even have a physical office, with employees all around the world.
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    What would attract you to a position in East London?

    100% Remote. Many large companies hiring full time remotely
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    Googlebot crawling wp-login.php

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Everyone knows the login page sits over at /wp-login for WordPress by default. Even this site has its /wp-login pages exposed (might be a honey pot thought) Just make sure your password is up to scratch and perhaps...
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    South African FinTech industry is going nowhere....

    Saw Kuda being launched on Product Hunt today - - A Nigerian FinTech bank. It's very similar to Revolut and N26 which is set the benchmarks for "Online Banks". And if you visit Kuda's website - it's a gorgeous design. There's been lots of talk about up &...
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    What's next?

    If you're in low level stuff, exactly what cguy said. Otherwise if you're a web developer, JAMStack and PWA's is something to look into. Why? The future of the web is mobile, JavaScript and API's. Every website is a web app and every web app is a website.
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    Need some ideas for a few small C# tests

    Can't agree more. You don't get more real world problem than this.
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    What's the Purpose of this Search?

    must be the most expensive stack overflow search to date.....
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    Web development and problem solving

    Haha yeap, that's a good summary! Fixed it - Netlify is deploying it as we speak. :D
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    Web development and problem solving

    Oops. Thanks man! :D Fixing it!
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    Web development and problem solving

    PWA is great. While it doesn't quite have the power that native app's got, for small teams and projects with relatively small budgets, PWA's can go quite a long way. And from a user point of view - no need to go to the app store.
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    Web development and problem solving

    There's actually a lot companies running sites built with Gatsby. And not all of them are "static" in the sense that it doesn't change. I really do thing the the future of the web is javascript served statically (React, Vue, Angular, etc) and then data is...
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    Web development and problem solving

    My personal website is running on Gatsby. It's so great!