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    As a senior software dev, what's the one piece of advice that you would give to your younger self ?

    Cool, been using Graphql with Gatsby JS to render static pages with dynamic-ish data.
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    As a senior software dev, what's the one piece of advice that you would give to your younger self ?

    While we're on the topic, any languages+frameworks you'd choose to 'learn' over a weekend to write an API, as oppose to Meteor (Javascript) / Rails (Ruby)?
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    As a senior software dev, what's the one piece of advice that you would give to your younger self ?

    Exactly! :D I taught myself new languages and frameworks (for example, Python, Django, Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS), purely by having an idea for a little website / web app in mind and then aiming to build it in a language I don't know (yet). Obviously won't take on the most complex of...
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    HTML, CSS, Javascript Certification

    A personal website with a bunch of side projects showcasing what you have built. Seriously though, you can learn it all by Googling. I did my latest site in GatsbyJS (runs on React) and host it for free on Netlify.
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    Affordable Windows VPS Hosting in South Africa

    You can get a $5 (±R70/m) server (1gb ram) on Vultr / Linode / DigitalOcean and it's prepaid, billed hourly - so you can kill you server anytime and just pay for what you used. Most SA Hosting providers are like signing up for an ADSL account. Need to give 30 days notice when you want to...
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    Rain routing issue

    My parents having the same issues. Many apps on iPhone / iPad not working + can't access App store. Smart TV with Netlfix / YouTube is useless. I actually thought at first it's Cloudflare DNS giving issues over the weekend, so switched over to Google DNS over the weekend - made a slight...
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    New Online Shop - Complete Noob, Please help :(

    A web designer wouldn't be much help either - they design with Photoshop. Better get to get a developer if you don't wanna contemplate suicide dealing with WordPress. But yeah, unless you have R30k-50k to invest, get something like Shopify to test your store and can make sales - that $29/m is...
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    Is vpn make different?

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    Is vpn make different?

    haha not quite. I'm a remote developer and I live in South East Asia - so travelling all the time - and I feel safer when I use a Secure VPN to book Airbnb's / flight tickets etc as opposed to sending credit cards over a random wifi connection - I know unlikely with HTTPS, but still. Also...
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    Is vpn make different?

    VPN also good if you're into privacy stuff. I use NordVPN.
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    Where to study with poor Maths marks?

    I met a guy from the UK during my travels, who runs a SaaS company he started, currently operating at $1,000,000+ annual recurring revenue. He studied music and then somehow got into tech. __ On that note, I also met an 18 year old Brazilian kid who dropped out of high school (and ran away...
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    Whatsapp "desktop" app

    Since Whatsapp's API isn't public, you won't easily be able to rebuilt it. Electron is basically a Chrome based web browser that runs web technologies HTML/CSS/Javascript. Can probably <iframe> hack the web version of whatsapp to display it embedded... but otherwise, good luck building it...