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  • A couple of hundred for labour. Thing is they need to check the motherboard to check that no fuses were blown, which will impact on repair cost.

    You can e-mail them on info@planetgaming.co.za if you want to deal with them directly. Call 011 454 3885 during office hours.

    Shipping will be ordinary mail or Speed Services!

    I hope you get sorted out.

    Hi. Uhm ... I don't really deal with hand-held consoles anymore, since they're a pain in the butt due to small/cheap parts used.

    Let me know what version PSP you have, PSP-1000 or PSP-2000 so that I can find out the correct part you need.

    Planet Gaming in JHB is the best when it comes to PSP and Nintendo DS stuff. I usually send client PSPs to them with the relevant part needing replacement. Then I charge the client for the part and shipping to and fro.

    The on/off switch with surrounding PCB that plugs into the motherboard will cost in the region of R140. Will take 2 weeks or so to arrive from overseas.

    The warranty will be covered by me (3 months).

    If you're happy with the terms and conditions, I can help you out.

    p.s. Don't have a 'friend' mess around with electronics unless they know what they doing. I get way too many consoles where I friend helped out and broke stuff even further ...
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