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    The PC Build Thread

    i ordered a headset on Monday, there was some correspondence only after i emailed. but i feel compared to the other guys, their correspondence isnt that great. can be frustrating since they arent taking calls.
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    Test your broadband speed, rate your ISP, win prizes worth R5,000

    Ping: 191ms Download: 12.83Mbps Upload: 18.44Mbps
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    Nexus 4 Screen Cracked - Digitizer not working

    Hi guys So the worst thing that couldv ever happened to me just did... dropped my nexus 4 ttoday, screen cracked, its locked and unusable. few things: is there anyone in Durban that fixes them? where can i source a new screen from - that wont cost an arm and a leg my LCD seems...
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    CAD Laptop Advice

    Hi Guys! yes this is my second post in about a yr! Im in a dilemma a the moment. im a desktop fundi, but now i need a laptop. ive always despised them laptops an now im gonna have to eat my pride. the thing is, i know close to nothing about laptops when in comes to price vs performance and...