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  • Hi ryder ek will n wug in Oudtshoorn begin en keeper het gese ek moet jou vra. Ek will weet na watter nommer moet ek die icasa exempt form stuur en het jou wug ook n exemption? En is dit nodig? Ek will n gewone wug begin sodat mense games, voip en kan file share.

    thanx hoop om n reply te kry
    Hey RyderJHB

    I chatted to you some time ago as I was looking at joining JAWUG. I had an IP address assigned to me (as per the IP Allocations on the JAWUG site) but i see it has been removed. I've just collected my CPE and would like to connect to JAWUG. I have signal to RickJ and Sangoma.

    Please could you assign another IP address to me?

    many thanks.

    Enjoy the day!
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