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  • Hey :D

    Found this in an E-mail.

    Thought it might interest you.

    Edit:I PM'ed it to you because it's too long.
    I don't know what happened to Darwin, if he was hypnotised or not, but I know that TOE is spiritually inspired just like the bible is, hence the two are always on each other's throats.

    Do I believe there are spirits involvement in things like murders? Yes, infact I'm convinced that more than half of car accidents and murders in the world are not what we think they are, but there's more to them. The reason we had the occult division in SAPS for years is because someone realised that murders are not as natural as they seem to be.

    Satan's agents know where I live, and they see what I write everyday, so don't worry about me.
    For once I think you are on to something here. I'm not going to try and convince them of this without you as you are clearly more knowledgeable of this but there are definitely signs that point to Darwin being influenced by Satan through hypnosis as a possibility.

    I am certain that the aliens were involved as well. It definitely stretches as far as the JFK murders. Be careful though. Satan's agents are everywhere.
    The problem with forums is that nobody is prepared to admit when they are wrong, as such some people will debate an issue even when they know they are wrong. But i get your point.
    yeah, I know... me thinks they punting evilution because what else they got if they can't justify that? Count yourself privileged to be ridiculed for Truth!
    eish they closed the thread on the rapture :(
    It is such an exciting topic! The Trumpet sounds on the same day as the Feast of Trumpets and we will all be transformed into His likeness, caught up with all the past martyrs and saints! Very very exciting.
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