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  • I need some help on overclocking my Asus k50id gt320m - I have an unlocked 211 modded bios - but I need you to shed some light on how to go about doing this safely and stable .... I searched all over the web but did'nt find much help - the best I could do was 565/1800 on the gpu with powerstrip and have'nt entered the bios as am still new to all this stuff. At the moment I use RM Clock to run the Cpu at max 2200 and turned of most of the services OF plus game booster helps - Would of been great if the Gpu had Gddr3 instead of ddr3 standard but still there is some performance to be had.

    If you can help with my overclocking prob - would be great - also use laptop for 3d design so it would be cool. - thanks
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