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  • hi sand man i have read one of your previous posts about using a ftth with the tp link archer d9 can you tell me how to set it up ? please help.
    Hello Sandmand. nice profile pic :-0

    Anyway...had a sim swop processed on your line. The store that supplied you with the sim did not process it on the system by the looks of it.
    Hey Sand! ;)

    Have to admit I did stay away for a few days but it was not so much a sabbatical as a need to get the mind cleared of all the cr@p on here! ha ha ;)

    Hope you keeping well?
    Hay there… I noticed that you kind of know your stuff. I need to do research on the industry; trends and future needs and would love to pick your brain. Is it okay if I send you a couple of questions from time to time? Won’t be too difficult , I promise!
    Ha, so popular? You sure? The Watcher doesnt care too much for me :D

    Thanks man...
    Hey Sandman!

    Yip, you guessed right! Baby came early but all healthy so we are absolutely stoked! Spent the whole day the last few days at the hospital, and at night just been crashing so no time for MyADSL!! ha ha. Baby home now!
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