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    Have you left your house yet?

    Went out today, had to do the weekly grocery shopping.
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    Uber closed for coronavirus lockdown

    Taxis and busses will enable faster spreading of the virus. These need to be shutdown as well, but you chops don't have any back bone to tell that to the taxi operators.
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    South Africa has taken strong steps to stop the spread of the coronavirus – but what about the economy?

    The government has already stopped the economy, if they put half as much effort into the Corona virus it will be gone by Tuesday.
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    Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5

    Yeah, hopefully Black Friday next year has these babies going for a decent price
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    Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5

    RDR 2 plays better at 4K on the One X than it does on the Pro, so he might be on to something. The clock speeds that were mentioned during the presentation were all max boost speeds, not sustained speeds so best case it can perform at 10.28TF but no mention for how long or under what...
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    PlayStation 5 specifications revealed – Huge gaming power

    Both and the video was boring as hell
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    Which console? lets see whos keen on which!

    With the demand thanks to Corona, consoles might be cheaper than toilet paper :laugh:
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    Which console? lets see whos keen on which!

    Will only be keen after they release pricing details.
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    PlayStation 5 specifications revealed – Huge gaming power

    This was like a Telkom advertisement for ADSL up to 10Mbps. I mean its great that the clock speeds will boost up to 3.5Ghz and 2.23Ghz under load but is that one core or on all cores and for how long will the boost last? what does that do to the thermals and power consumption?
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    PlayStation 5 specifications revealed – Huge gaming power

    Can't be that impressive, MASSIVE, nowhere in the title.
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    What do you expect from an "unlimited" product?

    Going by the definition from, Unlimited @ The Free Dictionary, then unlimited is without limits, boundaries or restrictions. If the company wants to apply limits to their "unlimited" product, then they need to decide on a more appropriate name for their limited offering.
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    Urgent and drastic measures to stop the coronavirus in South Africa

    Urgent and South Africa don't belong on the same page let alone the same sentence
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    Mobile network quality - Which option do you prefer?

    I am suggesting another option, A world class network with affordable data? Like how you can get 10Gb of data for around 20 to 25 GBP, and you get talk time thrown in as well
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    Travel ban for South Africa on the cards

    Why only Europe, why not Asian travellers as well? After all it did start in China.
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    Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – The best smartphone right now

    Thats no smart phone, thats a phablet and it maybe the best right now but no chance I am taking a 36 month contract @ vodacom.