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  • We're open to any suggestion at the moment! Big thing we face is convincing the residents as a whole to agree to the concept, so that we can move forward.
    I have had a similar issue with Vodacomgs. I live in Bougain Villas, and recently had to upgrade to a 10GB cap (hard), due to my previous 4GB being insufficient (suddenly!). I then had to purchase a further 1GB of bandwidth (now totalling 11GB), as I had supposedly used up my 10GB. I download the occasional podcast, youtube avi, and get a few email attachments (2MB or so) - but nothing near the 10GB they are claiming. I usually use the Internet for banking, news sites, etc, and cannot fathom that I could possibly use almost 11GB of download! I then requested IP logs to indicate which sites were chewing up my bandwidth (or whether I had been hacked into - as I have wireless at home). After repeated messages left at the "Customer Sevices" department, as well as several emails to the Project Manager - I have yet had no response whatsoever. I indicated to them that I was happy to pay the R150 charge to extract the IP logs. But yet, after a few weeks have heard nothing! Any suggestions?!
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