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    iPhone 4 - Jailbreak and Unlock?

    Thanks. I tried sn0wbreeze as I normally have luck with it, but it just isn't working for me. I did everything according to the tutorials ,but I keep getting error 1061 or 1062. I have gotten out of DFU and still working on 4.2.1, but this is really irritating!
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    iPhone 4 - Jailbreak and Unlock?

    Hello there, The MYBB oldies will remember me from the JB/iPhone scene from a while ago. But I haven't been able to keep up with all the news/tools lately. I have an iPhone 4 on 4.2.1 that I want to restore and upgrade to iOS5. It is factory locked so I need to preserve the baseband so I can...
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    Second Hand Photography Gear?

    I am purchasing my first SLR soon and was wondering if I should buy all new, or just get the body new and get some second hand lenses, bags, SD Cards etc.? What do you guys think about this? And what is the usual mark-down on second hand photography goods? And is there anywhere special to look...
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    Calling all Maties/Stellenbosch Students

    Chances are, I am going to be studying Computer Science at Stellenbosch next year. So, I have a few questions for any past/present students there. I applied to late for res, so I will need alternative accommodation. A few good friends are also going so we have been talking about getting a...
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    iPhoneZA launches South Africas first very own Cydia Repository!

    Have you dabbled in actual apps/add-ons or only the winterboard type of stuff?
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    iPhoneZA launches South Africas first very own Cydia Repository!

    I get some errors when adding the source on iPhone 4 4.2.1 . It adds the source and looks like everything is there but thought I would let you know. Pic of error:
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    Update keeps timing out on iTunes

    Donwload the firmware from here: - Make sure you download the iPad 2 one :p Then with the .ipsw file, open iTunes with the iPad plugged in. Hold shift and click the Update/Restore button. It will then let you choose the firmware. Hope it helps.
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    AMD Phenom 2 x6 - PC Won't boot

    Hi there, Today I got my AMD Phenom II X6 1055T CPU. My motherboard is an Asus M2N68-VM (AM2/AM2+/AM3). So I take out my old CPU, put in the new one etc. I then try turn on my PC. The LED's and fans come on but no display comes out. So I put in my old CPU again and it boots perfectly. So I...
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    iPhone 3GS screen repair in Cape Town?

    I can't remember the name of the shop that sells the screens... go ask in the iPhone section. Someone will know :D
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    iPhone 3GS screen repair in Cape Town?

    What about just buying a new screen and doing a self install? I heard it aint to hard and is much cheaper.
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    AMD Phenom2 x6 - Over clocking and Questions

    Hi guys, I am in serious need of a new CPU seeing as my AMD X2 6000+ just can't keep up with my computing demands. I use Video Editing software as well as stream full HD movies all around the house and my CPU just can't do it for me. I am thinking of going with a AMD Phenom2 x6 1055T. The...
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    The iPhone Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    Limera1n :) At least it is not Yellow Rain :O
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    The iPhone Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    I would hate to open my baby :( But would have to if the screen cracked... cant wait for the 4G! Rumor has it that is won't be network locked as Verizion has hinted at them selling it as well as AT&T. The 4.0 jailbreak is already made and waiting for the 4G to come out so it can be released and...
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    The iPhone Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    Sn0wbreeze only works if you are currently on 3.1.2 and it is JB... then you can upgrade to 3.1.3