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  • Lol, I think it's time we take our relationship to a new level....

    * dun duuuuun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~~~*

    Lol, check your inbox. (**,)
    Lol I've never claimed to be *completely* sane, that would be a lie... Like saying I am breath-takingly beautiful...:D

    Then again, who wants to be normal? :p
    To be honest I just kept my fingers crossed for about three hours (Yes, I really did it). When I finally released them from their constraints they stayed in that position. :D
    *snickers at boy comment*

    Lol, lucky you, your results are coming out on Firday, ours are only being released the 21st December (Yes, I admit, UWC has pretty ****ty admin and are always the last to do certain things), nonetheless, I checked and all my credits were uploaded which means I *PASSED* everything, so I can chillax!

    Anyways, I think we're both pretty sure that you did well and most importantly - that you passed all your modules! Best of luck when you check your results. LMJ and don't worry about it, you kicked ass! ;)
    Lol hey there, tall and handsome young man. *wink wink*

    Lol, ah the holidays are going well, I'm pretty bored right now, the partying can be fun and all but it feels strange not to be cracking my brain trying to do some mind boggling Physics problem and wondering why it made so much sense when the lecturer was explaining it. Lol I guess I have to get used to the free time... I'm actually considering getting a job because last night while I was sitting outside and thinking about going out, I realized that I am pretty much broke. :crying: *very much sad gesiggie*

    Lol and how's it going your side?
    I'm still writing exams at the moment, but I've already got some results got a distinction for mechanics so i'm happy! :D

    Good luck with the results man, I'm sure you killed your exams!
    Dude you have your PMs switched off or for friends only. Tried to reply to your PM but it won't let it go through...
    Pfft please. :rolleyes:

    me got hunky men chasing me... ;)

    Keeping my hands off you won't be a problem at all! :D (+ the 1000's km obstacle of course)
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