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  • Hi. It's hard to pinpoint. For me the biggest 'craving triggers' were coffee and alcohol when socialising. A cup of coffee in the morning just wasn't the same without a smoke, and alcohol kills your willpower so it's hard not to light up. Cutting back on those helped a lot with cravings. But mostly it was a lifestyle chamge - getting back into my gym routine and trying to be more healthy in general. E-cigs were just another addiction at the end of the day, but they did help a bit. Just take it a day at a time.
    Hi there, I see you got over the bad habit of smoking, I am also trying but am struggling all the time. I am still smoking, but a lot less.

    Any advice that you might have that made it easier?
    Am looking for the thinest/slenderest/lightest Widows 7 tablet with wifi and possibly Bluetooth. Will run Office 2010, an accounting system, and a few other regular Win apps. Have anything? Any suggestions?
    Hi, read your posts and desperately want to get hold of you for two of your Jumbo packs @ R350ea. Please let me know how to reach you?
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