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  • Greetings! I noted with interest yr posts June 2006 in "Broadband & ADSL Forums - Internet, Gaming, Hardware, Software > ADSL Discussions > ADSL discussions > Surecom Routers. Cos, I have been given a Surecom marked EP-9410SX-gA/A3/GR. I was told it needs BIOS reflash. But I don't seem to be able to access the firmware or even a manual / user guide at www.surecom-net.com. Consequently, I will be grateful if you can say, did you download either or both of these, and if so, are you willing to email them to me? Or otherwise supply; I'm in CT, Devil's Peak Estate, a retired engineer. I'm hoping I'll find some way to reflash the firmware. The Ethernet functionality of the gadget seems to work OK, but so far I have no idea whether it will be possible to "communicate" with it so as to reflash. I hope I may get some idea from the manual / user guide.

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