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    My Microsoft Moment

    As it happens, I'm an old techie long since moved on. However this week, I was asked if I could help with an SQL back up script. I then had a Microsoft moment ... SQL 2012 cannot back up to anything other than c: drive. Fortunately I was already sitting down and my mind drifted to my...
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    Work ADSL speed test 10meg line
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    Another E-toll Win

    Have you ever noticed how sometimes you'd rather shop at a mall 50km away from home. Whatever your reasons I was looking for a loft bed. The type I'm looking for is available in a shop in Boksburg and I live in the North of Joburg. I now have to think twice about that trip as there are...
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    Overclocking to Save the Weekend

    Well, with the financial crisis and all, I have decided to get more from what I have by over clocking. Saves me a whole lot of drooling over new hardware that I cannot get now but most importantly, I do not have to touch the weekend budget :D CPU: 3D Mark 06 Results...
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    Europcar and Theft

    It seems Europcar does not see South Africa as risk area for theft. I hired a car that unfortunately got stolen. Europcar decided I must pay despite the fact that its a reasonable or realistic risk for insurance in my opinion. Has anyone had such an experience with Europcar. I say take...
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    High Motherboard Temprature

    Greetings My motherboard is sitting at no less than 40 degrees celcius at idle tempratures. As much as I have done research and queried, I keep getting told this is normal. It however does not explain why it was between 30 and 33 degrees before peaking at 36 during gaming before. It now...
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    Ubuntu is Broken

    Hello Guys I have seen rave reviews for 10.04 and I can understand why. I have never seen an os fly like that since installing (just to see) windows 98 on an athon 6000+ back in the day. 5 seconds to desktop I thought I would never see again. However is it just me or Ubuntu is broken...
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    ATI Card Delivery

    After a long wait, my ASUS 5850 card arrived today. As is with everything in life, I got the message just after I was finishing a payment on a reference 5850 in the hope of getting that sooner. Anyway, for those of you who have DX11 cards I just wanted to find out how long it took you to get...
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    Nashua Surprise

    Have just finished porting my number to Virgin amid a few problems. So, on midnight 15 January 2010 my phone MTN (nashua) suddenly stops working. Very inconvenient. A few weeks before Virgin had attempted to port before my contract end and I got an SMS from Nashua threatining to bill me 4300k...
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    Best Post Ever

    Sometimes, bloggers just make you smile. It is entertaining sometimes just to see what some of you have to say. My favourite though for today is something I came across on another web page. Posted in the hardware forum coz at least, AMD has us talking :-)...
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    Going Ghetto

    Winter over, times still tight, quest for best cooling continues. Been looking at ideas from many places and its complicated. You see one case with a fan in a certain place and when you try it, your temps go up; what! Well I am not stopping, slot fans, custom vents, strategic placement...
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    Goodbye Marcus Fenix

    Has been what seems like many years buying NAG and PC format, smiling at the articles and reviews. One day however, checking the videos on NAG I came across a promo for GOW. I must have rerun it 100 times until it ended up on my cell as a video ringtone. The look on his face (Marcus) as he...