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    6-month R350 relief grant for the unemployed
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    Google Pixel 4a

    1080p @ 60Hz, so won't say the battery life is great, but it's not bad. Watch MKBHD's video.
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    Joburg shooting: 3 alleged hijackers killed after shootout with police

    Finally some good news. Hopefully the police involved are in good health.
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    Do you love Cinnabons?

    I do enjoy Cinnabon as diabetes-inducing as they are. The chocolate ones are my fave Thiccman is a legend, love his videos.
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Yip, that's the one. Should have checked the last few pages before posting.
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Got a new update earlier today, just under 700mb. Changelog included fixes for 5GHz WiFi n a couple other things.
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    Showmax Pro with live sport launched

    Surely just connecting the phone to the TV, via HDMI for example, is a much easier solution? I doubt they'd allow casting from the app, but that would obviously be the best solution.
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    DStv Premium vs Showmax Pro - Live sport comparison

    Same parent company AFAIK, so they probably have some sort of licencing agreement
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    DStv Premium vs Showmax Pro - Live sport comparison

    They ran out of P40 Lite articles, what else did you expect
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    A return to tighter lockdown restrictions could be harder to enforce

    The current restrictions cannot be enforced, let alone more onerous ones. Here is Durbz, the only indication that COVID is around is most people wearing masks. Apart from that you'd think it's a normal day. Social distancing (by far the most effective tool) nowhere to be found for the most...
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    Phone recommendation for parent

    That's absolutely crazy, never knew Samsung was pulling this BS! I know Xiaomi do it, but it can be turned off in the settings and it's done as the hardware in subsidized which I can understand. But the Samsung ads cannot be turned off per the link above and there is no way their hardware is...
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    New lockdown rules for sport and going to the movies in South Africa

    I thought it was common knowledge that COVID cannot infect you if there are less than 50 people in the same area? I think the scientific reasoning is that the antibodies of the 50 people all combine and form some kind of Spartan shield which COVID cannot penetrate. But the moment you get to...
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    New lockdown rules for sport and going to the movies in South Africa

    Realistically, there's no way I'm gonna be putting on / taking off my mask every time I want some popcorn / coke / whispers / astro's. Not that I go to the movies a lot anyway, COVID or not. When I was in SA on a permanent basis, like a couple years ago, we'd probably only go a few times a year...
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    Phone recommendation for parent

    Honestly wouldn't even consider anything with 16gb of internal storage. By the time you factor in the system software, a few basic apps and some media there's gonna be no space left. We got this for my aunt about a week ago: Samsung A10 32gb from Game @ R2000 which is a steal IMO...