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  • Sean - If you are the iBurst representative then please could you respond to this issue

    We made a call to the helpdesk/accounts to query the amount that came off our debit order but the operator had no clue and insisted we had done things which we had certainly not ordered (see history below). The operator suggested that we send a query to the helpdesk which was done:

    The original request was logged on the 07/01/2010. An automated response was generated.
    When no response was received another mail was sent on the 12/01/2010. Again an automated response was received. When no response was received we called the helpdesk and spoke with a gentleman named “Sugen” who assured us that he would escalate our query to a supervisor who would then contact us directly.

    Thus far we have received no further response save for a mail from helpdesk which is 144 hours later than the 48 hour promise and still brings absolutely no clarity.
    Query Ref # 001-00-082079
    Philip Pearton
    Hi there,

    I need some information, Jannie said is can forward you my details.

    I am looking for a acctedited person to do RF and Microwave measurements of a office building.

    My email is lukas_swart@hotmail.com
    tel 0745290664
    fax 086 524 4699

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