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    The Uncapped ADSL Myth DEBUNKED!!!

    Alright, when MWEB launched their uncapped ADSL product, many competing ISP's responded by saying that the average usage would be too high or that this cannot work. Here are some facts to blow that BS out of the water. The CISCO broadband survey found that the average broadband usage is...
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    The Ultimate Potjie

    You guys have to see this boere potjie, proper bachelor style...
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    New Sainet offer?

    Anyone seen the new offer on the Sainet website? If you take 10gig package you get uncapped from 8pm to 7am monday-thursday and friday 8pm to monday 7am. Can anyone give feedback on their QOS, I am sick of using backup accounts for my MWeb uncapped over weekends! Any feedback would be...
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    When is SAINET launching

    When is SAINET launching, I have seen their pricing and the roll over is interesting, but NOBODY has any feedback on them which makes me wonder if they haven't launched yet or what? If they have launched their new pricing can somebody please give %$#& feedback on the quality of their service...
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    New ADSL account type

    Can some ISP please come out with this or a similar product: 4mb line + 8-10GB regular data + uncapped from 12pm(or 1am)-6am each day for R1000 flat... Come on it would solve tons of my issues with having to bounce around looking for individual accounts that fulfill my needs. I could...
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    ADSL product ideas

    I feel there is definitely a need for a thread giving the ADSL ISP's new ideas, I started something like this for IWorst last year and it ran well until IWorst took our idea's, Bastardized them and said here you go this is what you asked for. Please feel free to add your ideas and if there...
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    Would you use this service?

    If you could register with a local company that had the rights to sell you TV series etc by the episode and charge you one of 2 fees, 1 fee if you want no ads at about R10 per episode and 1 fee if you are happy to have lets say 2 ads per 30 min at say R2 per episode would you happily never...
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    Uncapped VS capped

    Ok guys other than keeping a copy of the internet on your harddrive what other advantages are there for you to uncapped? A few of mine are: 1.) No worrying about whether I can do my updates and still play a game. 2.) Listening to shoutcast without worrying how much per hour this is costing...
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    Billion 400g

    Hey guys anybody know the original designation for the 400g, I can find it anywhere on the billion site and want to know where I can get non-telkom firmware. Secondly anybody know the DB rating of the antenna, I need a stronger signal and need to know what antenna to upgrade from. Any help...
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    IBurst Modem up for grabs

    Ok guys after a couple of years with IBurst I have finally taken the jump and my uncapped adsl is here and working great.:D Anybody who wants my IBurst modem can have it for free, trade off is you have to take over my 2gig R240pm till April(when it expires).;) I am in Northcliff...
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    On IBurst till I retire???

    In till 28 Nov 2037, at least thats according to my IBurst website details. How awesome is that. And here I was hoping to use ADSL soon. IBurst rep can you please fix this I don't really want to extend my contract another 27 years.
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    Recommend ADSL Router bye bye IBurst

    Ok guys, I am dumping IBurst and upgrading to ADSL, I need recommendations on a wireless N standard ADSL2 router. I want the N and ADSL2 cause I don't wanna be buying another router in 6 months. Any brands you guys can recommend and where I can buy it. I am looking at R2000 as the absolute ceiling.
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    Help me with my site

    Hi folks, I need help from the brilliant minds on this forum. I have recently put together a very simple site website based on a template I kinda liked. I am a financial planner but have a pretty good understanding of basic html. I would like you guys to tear apart my website and tell me...
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    Cmon Iburst

    100 days are over and still not an inkling of change at Iburst. Is there any chance we can find out when to expect changes or is this just a case of hoping we will forget and live with it. Shaun we all love you but ultimately I am feeling let down by the product here!!!:mad:
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    Does neotel still suck

    I am considering moving from Iburst to Neotel uncapped, but the threads here seem to show that the service is broken. Is this worth it or should I stick with Iburst?