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    Eskom doesn’t want to buy electricity from Karpowership

    Privatise eskom and remove the government thugs. Also eskom needs to have competition and thats why we have this crap. We have inept samples of stiff in government and running ****. They were never designed for doing any good. Remember most are still the terrorists and thats how they maintain...
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    Post Office partners with Wish to improve deliveries

    This is a joke right??? We are talking SA POST OFFICE. I LOST OVER R5000 WORTH OF GOODS LAST YEAR ... GONE SIMPLY GONE!!! Stolen by out majority I am 100% certain of it
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    Discovery members and COVID-19 vaccinations

    let me just say condolences to those thinking of getting the vaccine. At least you won't need to worry about being brain dead, you're there already
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    SpaceX must have 30% black ownership to launch Starlink in South Africa – ICASA

    Will just be another failure and money will dissappear if it has to be owned by the special ones
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    Best-ever fibre pricing in South Africa

    If the speeds remain constant then that's good. I am on a WiFi link 15/5 but contention almost non existent so I get full throughput. Would still prefer FTTH though but not in our immediate area yet
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    Best-ever fibre pricing in South Africa

    Becoming like DSL and prices plummet as contention rises... so you have 5000:1 subscribers on a link... you get what you pay for
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    Eskom CEO says procurement boss suspension is about competence, not race

    Professionally I agree. But generally.... let's be honest!!
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    Fuel provider for Eskom paid ANC to acquire R15-billion contract

    Don't be surprised LOL in the nature of them. Same story for 26 years, in fact longer which is whybit was said they will never be successful governing themselves...
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    Big online battle between Checkers and Woolworths

    Great, now if we could only get the delivery guys to be more responsible and not put US at risk of killing them as they weave in and out going to the stores
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    US Firm Oracle Pulls Plug on Eskom

    And they paid guptas billions for zero services!! Go figure... OK obviously not the new guys. But it's a cANCer in the country
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    The story behind the R300-million Afrikaans college built under budget and ahead of schedule

    Anything is possible with the right people in charge
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    Rain denies throttling 5G speeds on Premium package

    Sounds like Telkom a few years ago. I tried lte+ the guy came, did a demo and speeds were great. I signed up and I was getting 20mbs and then it fived below 1mbs then they same to test and used my router and then said they were upgrading the tower and have no idea when it will be fixed. I...
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    Powership contract will cost South Africa R218 billion - CSIR

    With Cyril on the take I wonder if those ships will ever get here
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    Solidarity unveils its impressive new R300-million college campus

    Under budget and ahead of schedule. When the right people are doing stuff anything can be accomplished. Look how SA was 27 years ago (no not Aphd) it had trains and busses and hospitals etc...