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    14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed arrested for bringing homemade clock to school
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    AppStore watch: New & Sale items

    The unabridged is obviously longer (Length: 23 hrs and 26 mins) as it hasn't been abridged! The abridged version is 8 hrs and 52 mins
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    AppStore watch: New & Sale items

    This how they got me a few years ago... 3 years down the line I'm totally addicted to audio books and budget $15 every month for audible!
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    What APP for alarm clock?

    I use Nightstand:
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    Free $50 Zinio credits, for some free mags

    Yep, I got mine and so did many others if you read back in the thread... You have the zinio software installed, right? Although, I did get emails as well informing me my magazines had been delivered...
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    Free $50 Zinio credits, for some free mags

    Maybe they are trying to get people who wouldn't normally buy digital magazines used to the idea, get people used to reading digital magazines in the hope that it will become their preferred way of reading mags and the convenience etc, so that in future they buy more.
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    AppStore watch: New & Sale items

    If you've jailbroken your device, where else can you get apps from? Is it not risky?
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    AppStore watch: New & Sale items

    iTunes the only place to get apps. Developers send their apps to itunes. There is a process and certain criteria an app must meet before it is accepted by iTunes...
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    Free $50 Zinio credits, for some free mags
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    2012 Currie Cup Rugby final: predict the score

    Sharks 18 - 12 WP
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    Who hasn't jailbroken their iPad 1 or 2

    I haven't. I figured I would have to at some point, from what I'd read on these forums and others, people said it's impossible to do anything fun or useful without jailbreaking it. So, I figured I would wait till I needed something which required jailbreaking and do it then but so far I've been...
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    FNB banking app ipad

    What issues are you having?
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    The iPad2 tips and tricks thread

    I generally only watch movies etc when I'm at home, so I use Stream2me, which streams the movie from my pc over wifi to my ipad. Works pretty well but I think I'll give AVPlayerHD a try for movies actually on my ipad, when I'm not at home!
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    So what would you do?

    Check out as well, they have some truly amazing designs but you'd have to wait to get it (from the states) an then put the skin on yourself....