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    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    And I used TC6R-T8KR-V2RU. TD24-MWWT-M9NT seemed to be used already, so I think those 3 are done now. Thank you kindly.
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    Heyneke Meyer and the All Whites

    I'd like to see the player stats behind these decisions. The actual player stats and the game plan. Without those two, this article is nothing but emotive drivel.
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    Anyone do carrier unlocks - Iphone 4

    They charge? Must be a new policy.
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    Anyone do carrier unlocks - Iphone 4

    Phone orange directly. Don't bother going through one of these websites as all they do is charge for something that is free. We didn't have access to the original owner of a jailbroken locked iPhone (no it was not stolen), and after upgrading the OS (stupid move) the phone was locked and...
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    Unlocking US iPhone 4s to work in SA on Vodacom

    Agreed, phoning them could yield good results. If you have the proof or purchase, or other required documentation. In my case it was not AT&T, it was O2 in Ireland, and the phone was bought second hand here in SA without original proof of purchase (not everyone keeps proof or purchase, or has it...
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    Unlocking US iPhone 4s to work in SA on Vodacom (there are others) Trying this at the moment. Apparently takes 2-10 working days. Was suspicious at first, but so far seems legit. Won't be sure it's legit until the phone is actually unlocked though. Might be school fees. From what I can tell, they request the unlock...
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    iPhone 4S has 512MB of RAM

    All I know is that my gf has had more problems with her iphone 4 than she's had with any other electronic device. MobileMe removed all her contacts, and she couldn't sign into the service to get them back. She had to install a bunch of apps until she found one that would stop 3G data while...