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  • Hi

    Please send me your contact details (and URL so I can check your site out) otherwise you can send me a mail: john@optimus01.co.za or call me on 100 463 2040

    Thanks for the interest

    if you looking for fast 1:1 internet wireless look at www.easyweb.co.za
    got it at my complex, i am on the uncapped 384, i pay for 48KB and i get it every time. speak to Jozi if you call
    Hey An2wan

    I am in the Jhb area. It is completely up to you if you prefer to post it or have me pick it up. Either way, just decide how much I will owe you for the media and postage if applicable, and I can either transfer the bucks if you post, or I can just give you cash if I collect. Do you have x86 and x64?
    Hi Shred,

    I am in the Pretoria area. Will you be able to collect it, or do I need to post it to you?
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