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    The disc drive is dead

    I still have one in my pc. Everything else has been upgraded or changed except that drive. Works 100%
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    MSI GTX 980ti Lightning GPU - Sale

    Hi All Have the following for sale: Item name (be very descriptive): MSi GTX 980ti Lightning 6GB GPU Age and condition: Good (Not a mining card) Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgrading Price: R3000 Negotiable: No Location: CPT Shipping or collection: Both Link...
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Or been on a flight and nobody bothered you
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Just saw on the new menu 420m has aquaponics.
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Anybody try aquaponics?
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    The Cannabis Thread

    How has everyone's dsv orders worked out so far?
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    The Cannabis Thread

    When did you order?
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    The Cannabis Thread

    When last anybody order from Dr Green finger?
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    Huawei Mate 20

    It has the capabilities to shoot laser beams from its lenses and peel onions and potato's in seconds. Another thing they added was the automatic emoji tasting sensor. See, that pushes the price up.
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    Do you use your smartphone's voice assistant?

    No, but because of this thread I am going to start.
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    US Coast Guard employee removed for 'white power sign' on air

    Wow!! Just wow!! That has to go onto internet museum website.