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    Microsoft Edge displays prompts to discourage users from downloading other browsers

    I think the divide between browsers are much smaller now, compared to ±10 years ago, cause web technologies became a lot more standardised compared to the state of the internet back then. So now it’s a matter of what features certain browsers have (or don’t have) that optimises the whole...
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    Eskort Braai Bacon – A tasty fire-cooked delight

    Pan fried Pork Belly is so good. Cut into small pieces and dip into a mixture of sesame oil, salt and pepper. If you need extra flavour, soy sauce with a drop of honey. Super good.
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    Forced lockdown or mandated vaccines?

    Time to stop this bullcrap.. Omicron is turning covid into an overhyped common cold. The pandemic is over. Cheers.
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    Apple Pencil any good?

    She makes Anime theory videos on YouTube. She redraws characters into ‘fan art’. But lately she’s been pivoting into other drawings, not online yet though.
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    Google launches digital car key for Android - starting on BMWs

    Good thing I only use Telegram and iMessage
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    Apple Pencil any good?

    Update: gf loves the Apple Pencil, spends hours at night drawing with it.
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    Google launches digital car key for Android - starting on BMWs

    iPhones can already do this
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    Afrihost vs Web Squad

    Oh I see it’s only the 50/25 that was upgraded to 50/50. 100/100 would’ve been nice too. :p
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    Afrihost vs Web Squad

    Wow when did they decide to go synchronous you as an ISP?
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    Why can't I remove my banking details from rain.

    Yea, that’s why I think it’s much safer to add credit card (especially Virtual Card) vs debit order. If you cancel and paid everything you may owe, you just cancel the card as well to prevent any further deductions. Debit orders on the other hand or so dodgy by design.
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    Apple Pencil any good?

    Ordered one on Amazon for girlfriend’s birthday, should be getting in in a day or two. She’s been using a third party one on her iPad Air (3rd gen), but complains it would glitch out sometime (she uses it a lot), so I decided to get her a legit Apple one.
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    How DStv Streama plans to compete with Apple TV

    I can imagine DStv totally neglecting their Apple TV app to convince people how much better their little device ‘is’.
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    Late 2021: M1 vs Intel Macbook. Which is best for me?

    It’s amazing how well MacOS / OS X will stay usable for many years without a clean install. When I still was a noob developer, I would install dependencies wrongly (eg Ruby gems globally (with sudo) instead of in a separate environment) and it would break the whole OS and i’d be forced to...
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    Late 2021: M1 vs Intel Macbook. Which is best for me?

    What and how? I did the exact opposite years ago.
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Yea, I’ve experienced similar in the past, well with the smart tv’s.. If I don’t use a or internet services work on the tv (experienced this with Samsung and LG tv’s).